A few months ago, one of my customers needed help with their Yeastar MyPBX.  It turns out that someone there had changed the admin password and forgotten it, not documented it, etc.  Of course, no one would own up to the fact that they changed the password, so the blame rested on me for – what.  Dunno.  I guess I shouldn’t have given them their admin password in the first place?  I guess that’s another story, indeed.

Anyway, here’s how I reset the password — fortunately I still had root access to the server.  Whoever changed the web admin password didn’t change the root SSH password, so that worked.  Once signed in, I was able to access the MySQL database and change the web portal password.

mysql –uroot –pys123456 mypbx

update pwdsettings set password=md5('password') where name='admin';