One easy way to protect your computer is to use a very simple concept that’s built right in to Windows, which is to only have one user account on your computer that has administrative access.  You should ONLY use that account if you’re intentionally wanting to do something like install a new program, upgrade your Adobe reader, etc.

  • To set this up, simply click on START and go to your control panel.  One of the options should be Users or User Accounts – click on that.
  • Add a new user called “Admin” and be sure to flag it as an administrator in the “account type” selection list.  For added security, you can give the new “Admin” user a password and only share that password with those who need to know it.
  • Now go in to each of your existing users, even if your original account was the only one, and change them to “Standard” or “Restricted” or “Limited” accounts.  (The adjectives are all the same thing, but simply vary depending on what version of Windows you are using.)
  • Log out and then log back on so that you are no longer logged in to Windows as an administrator.

That’s it!  Taking these simple steps will make it so that most of the junk out there will never even be able to infect your computer.  If you DO happen to get something that causes you problems, you’ll find that you can simply back up your files, delete the infected user account, add a new user account, and restore your files to be back up and running again.

Be VERY CAREFUL if you log in as the “Admin” account.  The more you use that account, the more apt you are to run in to problems and find yourself in need of a professional to get your computer working again.

Don’t think this is a good idea?  Don’t take my word for it.  Read below: