This one really, really, really upset me.  I recently was helping a customer launch a type of server that allows all employees to use a single server.  On their desk is nothing more than a device called a thin client.  The thin client’s only job in life is to connect to the server and give the user a traditional Windows desktop.  So, as far as everyone knows, they all have computers.  But, they don’t, they actually all share one.  It works great.  Unless….one of the users has the administrator password.  I don’t make a habit of keeping passwords away from my customers, I think it’s bad business.  But, customers, please don’t tell all of your employees the password.  This is what happens. (see below)  One of the employees went to Google and searched for a harmless program he wanted on the server.  However, instead of finding the RIGHT download of the harmless program, he found a package that installed over 20 viruses on the server.  BOOM.  Everyone was down.  Thank you employee.  This is why IT guys don’t give passwords out.

Server Viruses