Today was a busy one!  As usual, it started with aspirations of getting programming work done for  Instead, the day started with a ticket from a law office in Pawnee City, NE, telling me their server was down.  Well, that one was my fault.  I took it down for backups last night and didn’t start it back up.  So, I turned it back on.  Unfortunately, the firewall on the silly server decided to turn itself on, and it wasn’t able to start its own remote access protocols, making it nothing more than a box of circuits looking really nice on the desk.  After the firewall was dropped, everything was good to go!

Next up – network redesign and troubleshooting for a county office in Seward, NE.  The UNL network team had requested the IP network be redesigned.  Today, I was able to get on the phone with a very nice gentleman from UNL, and we worked together to fix their DHCP server problem, and added a route so they could access the PBX to retrieve email, change forwarding settings, etc.  I also staged the VOIP network to use a different VLAN and IP subnet.

At this point I got to start working more with a major online nursery.  This is their busy season, so we’re always tweaking their website trying to improve things and make sure things are working properly.  Today we worked with cleaning up some unused Magento extensions, and delved into the Amazon CloudFront CDN service.  This is a nifty utility that allows you to offload images, javascripts, css files, and any other static content from your website to Amazon’s distributed computing network.

After a meeting with my CPA, I was able to remotely configure a long-range wireless network for a campground near Schulyer, NE, using Mikrotik’s OmniTik and SXT products.  The camp director hung the OmniTik on a tower up on a hill, then took the SXT unit to a building about half a mile away and has his network working again.  (Thanks to a lightning hit over the weekend, the previous link was blown up, but it had a led a good life, having been in service for about three years.)

Now….back to that programming work!!