Do you need to get your internet out to your garage, barn, or other building on your property, but the WiFi signal from your house just doesn’t quite reach?  This is a common problem.  The only solutions are to purchase a second internet connection, dig a trench and hard wire the other building, or to use a product like Wi-Link.  Our system comes to you ready to install, right out of the box.  There’s nothing to configure, just mount up each end of the Wi-Link, point them at each other, use the signal meter (shown below), and start using it.  The remote side of the Wi-Link system can be connected to an additional wireless access point, which is what your devices connect to.  You can purchase that from SmartRouter or you can just install something off the shelf from your favorite computer store, nothing special is required.  You can also just plug a computer in directly to the remote side of the Wi-Link system if you don’t need WiFi access.

Commonly asked questions:

  • Question: How far can the signal go?  Answer: With a clear line of site, the system is capable of going up to about 3-4 miles quite easily.  (Yeah, so across your yard is going to be pretty simple!)
  • Question: Will the signal go through buildings, trees, etc?  Answer:  No, not really.  You might be able to fire through a few sparse trees, but don’t try to connect to a cabin located in the middle of a pine forest.
  • Question: Can you install this for us?  Answer: Yes, we can, however the labor for that work will be billed in addition to the equipment.


Using the simple link status meter, you can easily align the units.  Just like your cell phone, more green lights = better signal.  We have tested Wi-Link successfully up to 5-6 miles doing nothing more than holding one end out of the window of our service truck, pointing it back to an antenna at our office.


The side of the unit pops open giving you easy access to the internal connectors.  The unit is powered over the ethernet cable, so you don’t need to get AC power to either end.  The devices can be up to 300 feet away from the switch or router to which they’re connected.


Each side of the link is only about the size of a cereal bowl — about 4 inches across.  A simple pole mounting hose clamp is included and can be used to install the systems on a mast, tree branch, dowel rod, an old shovel handle, etc.