WiFi Hotspots are often offered at businesses and homes everywhere.  However, they’re very frequently set up very poorly, or without thought of an end user.  For example, many times I’ve seen a “Guest” wireless network advertised, but with a password to connect.  The password isn’t posted anywhere, and most times even the people who work at the company offering “free WiFi” don’t even know the password.  Ooops.

Other times there’s a “Private” and “Guest” wireless network available.  The guest network functions and works, but if I do a scan on the network, I see all the company’s printers, desktop computers, scanners, point of sale equipment, etc.  Oops.

SmartRouter’s solution fixes those issues by offering an OPEN wireless network (no password) for initial connection, with a customized webpage that pops up automatically when anyone connects.  Since these pages are custom, we can put anything on them you want to, but things that generally make sense are:

  • Location of the password (ie, Today’s WiFi password is posted at the front desk.)
  • Staff directory
  • Location map
  • Emergency contacts
  • Terms and service of internet use

SmartRouter WiFi hotspots prevent access not only to your computers and servers, but also intercommunication between your customers using your hotspot.  Have you ever considered that when you connect to a normal guest hotspot, anyone else on the network could possibly do bad things to your phone, tablet, or computer, just by being interconnected?  They can, but not with SmartRouter’s Hotspot technology.  Everyone is safe.

SmartRouter hotspots also control the speed each user gets to have, as well as optionally guarding against some of the more, shall we say, controversial parts of the internet.  (Do you really want someone in your restaurant looking at – certain images or videos – while in your establishment?)