Tired of your Internet Service Provider telling you that your router is the problem for your internet not working right? Chances are you have heard this, and since you don’t know any better, you went and got a new router. That new router may have worked for awhile, and then you started having the same problems again.

If this sounds like your life, then SmartRouter is for you. We manage your entire internet connection, both out to your provider, and your internal network, and can not only tell if you have devices that are using all of your internet, but actually make it so your internet will work right without the need to turn those devices off.

You don’t have to know a thing about networks, computers, or anything. Just plug our router in using the simple sticker on the top — connect the included red wire to the router in the port with the big red arrow that says “connect your internet here” — and then connect the included blue wires to your computers, printers, etc. Of course, SmartRouter has WiFi, too — so if you’re not in need of those wires, you’re welcome to ebay them off and keep the money.

SmartRouter also totally isolates your personal computers, tablets, and phones from visitors to your home or office.  This allows you to welcome guests to use your WiFi without the need to worry they might do something bad to your computers or other devices.

SmartRouter will also optionally email you every time a new device connects to your network. This is particularly handy to find out what time your daughter got home from her date, or to know when someone might be poking around your home while you’re on vacation.

If all that wasn’t enough, your SmartRouter can also be cloud-managed by SmartRouter’s Nebraska-based professional staff.  So, in the rare event you DO need to speak with someone, they’re right there to help.