Phone Systems

Do you need a new phone system?  Do the features below look like something you’d like to have for your own home or business?

  • Use your existing phone number, but never have it ring busy again.
  • Unlimited voicemail
  • Unlimited number of phones, each with their own voicemail
  • Computer-based system monitor where you can see current system utilization
  • Custom voicemail greetings
  • Temporary greetings
  • Shared voicemail boxes
  • Voicemail emailed to you
  • Faxes emailed to you in PDF format
  • Have additional phone number(s) in any part of the country
  • Have toll free number(s)
  • Automatic call forwarding
  • Time-based behavior (ring your phones during business hours, voicemail after hours)
  • All this built on an Open Source platform that allows any company in the world to assist you with your system in the future.
  • MORE!  (There are hundreds of call features not listed here, click here to inquire!)