There are three ways to check your inbound faxes:

1 – Email
If you have requested to receive your new faxes via email, this has already been set up for you. They will show up in your inbox as PDF attachments. In the message body you’ll see information regarding the sender’s number, how many pages the fax has, and the exact date and time in which it was received.

2 – Website
If you don’t have access to your email, or you have opted not to have your faxes delivered to your inbox, you can go to the website:

Log in with your username and password.

3 – Windows Desktop Software
You can download and install the software from this website to use our eFax service. The username and password used is the same as used by the ViewMyFax website, as shown above. The software can be downloaded here:

To send faxes OUT you can also use the website or the Windows desktop software, as shown above. You can also use a normal fax machine hooked up to a standard phone line. You might want to configure your fax machine with your eFax phone number — this will stamp your outbound faxes with your eFax number, so that people can fax you back. You do NOT need to have a fax machine — this is just an option. You can also send faxes via email, as described below:

To send a fax using our Email-to-Fax service simply send an email using the following parameters. Emails should be sent with a single attachment; as our system will only fax a single attachment per email.

Attachments may be sent in JPG, PDF, Adobe PostScript, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Excel, CSV, HTML and Plain Text formats.

Send your email TO this address:

Make your subject line just the recipient’s fax number, and leave the message body blank.

Don’t put any parenthesis, dashes or spaces in the fax numbers.