Tired of paying for an extra phone line for fax? Save hundreds of dollars each year by purchasing our eFax service, starting at just $5/month.  You can either keep your existing fax number, or you can get a new fax number.  The new number can be in your local area code or a toll free number.

Even though on YOUR side this no longer requires a normal phone line, the number is still a normal telephone number.  People sending you faxes can do so just how they do today.  The only thing that changes is the way you receive your faxes.  They won’t even know you’ve made a change — except they’ll never get a busy signal when sending you a fax again!

Your faxes will be emailed to you, and you can also view them using our website at www.viewmyfax.com.

We also provide a Windows program that lets you easily send faxes directly from your computer. You can download the program here:
Desktop eFax Program

You can also send specially formatted emails to send your faxes directly from your Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or any other email service.