Have you ever gotten a call from some foreigner claiming to be calling from Microsoft, telling you that you have a problem with your computer?  I do, and it’s fun, because I don’t use Windows, and they always want to talk about my Windows computer.  One day I’d had enough of it and decided to contact FBI cyber-crimes to see if we could get these guys shut down.  They told me to try to get some information about them.

This first call was just me taking the guy’s call and trying to get some contact information.  I thought it was hilarious that he couldn’t even tell me where he worked other than “Texas” — the caller ID was from New Jersey.  Here’s the first call:

After the call dropped, I decided to call the toll free, I mean 1-8-double O, number back.  The fun part was that I had FBI Cyber-crimes conferenced in throughout the entire call.  At the middle they called my cell and asked me to just hold the line so they could hear all the background noise.  They were also doing a trace on the call.  Here’s the second call:

At the end of the call when he was wanting to connect to my computer I’d had enough.  I couldn’t do what he wanted me to because I don’t run Windows, and even if I did, I wasn’t going to allow the guy to actually connect to my computer.  I knew what would happen next – they instantly download and install viruses, then charge me to remove them.  (Ransomware)

So, if you get these calls, just hang up on them.  They’re just purely scammers.  WAY too many of my customers have reported they not only got these calls, but proceeded with the alleged “fix.”  Please don’t get caught.