For some reason, people have forgotten that the good old TV that we used to have prior to cable and satellite TV services came out is still right there, ready for the taking.  What’s better is that it’s now broadcast in HD — and you’ll have to see it to believe it, but the over-the-air HD TV is clearly better than any HD you’ll see on cable or satellite.  (no pun intended)  Feel free to drop by my home any time and I’ll show you a demo.  We happen to have a 30-foot tower next to our house, and I hired Harry’s Radio to install an external antenna, amplifier, and all the wiring to bring the service in to my home, so we get NBC, ABC, CBS, PBX, FOX, and all their secondary channels as well.  ….free.  Yeah, I paid for the installation, but it paid for itself in a matter of four months of what I was paying DISH.