Here’s the new RB751 – Mikrotik’s latest desktop wireless router.  I’m comparing it to the also recently released RB750.

It was a bit smaller than I thought it would be -- a good thing.

Here's an overhead view comparing the RB750 and the RB751.

Rear ports - identical to the RB750


I'm interested to see what the USB port is all about

There's an optional antenna port - presumably adding an actual antenna would be beneficial.

This is the popup dialog window for the "do you want this config" when first logging in to the RB751.


And just for reference here’s the configuration script that would be run:

#| ether1 is renamed to ether1-gateway
#| DHCP client and masquerade is set on ether1-gateway
#| ether2 is renamed to ether2-master-local and configured as switch master port for ether3-ether5
#| ether2-master-local and wlan1 are bridged
#| wireless is set as access point in 2412MHz using both chains and extension channel enabled.
#| IP address and DHCP server is set on bridge interface
#| DHCP servers address pool is

:global action;
:local dhcpEnabled 0;
:local wirelessEnabled 0;

#check for wireless and dhcp packages
:if ([:len [/system package find name="dhcp" !disabled]] != 0) do={
	:set dhcpEnabled 1;
:if ([:len [/system package find name="wireless" !disabled]] != 0) do={
	:set wirelessEnabled 1;

# Apply configuration.
# these commands are executed after installation or configuration reset
:if ($action = "apply") do={
# wait for interfaces
	:while ([/interface ethernet find] = "") do={ :delay 1s; };
	:if ( $wirelessEnabled = 1) do={
# wait for wireless
		:local count 0;
		:while ([/interface wireless find] = "") do={
			:set count ($count +1);
			:if ($count = 60) do={
				:log warning "DefConf: Unable to find wireless interface";
				/ip address add address= interface=ether1;
			:delay 1s;
		/interface wireless set wlan1 mode=ap-bridge band=2ghz-b/g/n ht-txchains=0,1 ht-rxchains=0,1 \
			disabled=no country=no_country_set wireless-protocol=any
		/interface wireless set wlan1 channel-width=20/40mhz-ht-above ;

	/interface set ether1 name="ether1-gateway";
	:if ( $dhcpEnabled = 1) do={
		/ip dhcp-client add interface=ether1-gateway disabled=no comment="default configuration";

	/interface {
		set ether2 name=ether2-master-local;
		set ether3 name=ether3-slave-local;
		set ether4 name=ether4-slave-local;
		set ether5 name=ether5-slave-local;
	/interface ethernet {
		set ether3-slave-local master-port=ether2-master-local;
		set ether4-slave-local master-port=ether2-master-local;
		set ether5-slave-local master-port=ether2-master-local;

	/interface bridge
		add name=bridge-local disabled=no auto-mac=no protocol-mode=rstp;
	:local bMACIsSet 0;
	:foreach k in=[/interface find] do={
		:local tmpPortName [/interface get $k name];
		:if (!($tmpPortName~"bridge"  || $tmpPortName~"ether1"|| $tmpPortName~"slave")) do={
			:if ($bMACIsSet = 0) do={
				:if ([/interface get $k type] = "ether") do={
					/interface bridge set "bridge-local" admin-mac=[/interface ethernet get $tmpPortName mac-address];
					:set bMACIsSet 1;
			/interface bridge port
				add bridge=bridge-local interface=$tmpPortName;

	/ip address add address= interface=bridge-local comment="default configuration";
	:if ($dhcpEnabled = 1) do={
		/ip pool add name="default-dhcp" ranges=;
		/ip dhcp-server
			add name=default address-pool="default-dhcp" interface=bridge-local disabled=no;
		/ip dhcp-server network
			add address= gateway= dns-server= comment="default configuration";
	/ip firewall {
		filter add chain=input action=accept protocol=icmp comment="default configuration"
		filter add chain=input action=accept connection-state=established comment="default configuration"
		filter add chain=input action=accept connection-state=related comment="default configuration"
		filter add chain=input action=drop in-interface=ether1-gateway comment="default configuration"
		nat add chain=srcnat out-interface=ether1-gateway action=masquerade comment="default configuration"
	/tool mac-server remove [find];
	/tool mac-server mac-winbox disable [find];
	:foreach k in=[/interface find] do={
		:local tmpName [/interface get $k name];
		:if (!($tmpName~"ether1")) do={
			/tool mac-server add interface=$tmpName disabled=no;
			/tool mac-server mac-winbox add interface=$tmpName disabled=no;
	/ip neighbor discovery set [find name="ether1-gateway"] discover=no
	/ip dns {
		set allow-remote-requests=yes
		static add name=router address=


# Revert configuration.
# these commands are executed if user requests to remove default configuration
:if ($action = "revert") do={
# remove wan port protection
	/ip firewall {
		:local o [nat find comment="default configuration"]
		:if ([:len $o] != 0) do={ nat remove $o }
		:local o [filter find comment="default configuration"]
		:if ([:len $o] != 0) do={ filter remove $o }
	/tool mac-server remove [find]
	/tool mac-server add interface=all disabled=no
	/tool mac-server mac-winbox remove [find interface!=all]
	/tool mac-server mac-winbox set [find] disabled=no
# reset wan ports;
	/ip neighbor discovery set [find name="ether1-gateway"] discover=yes
	/interface set "ether1-gateway" name=ether1;
	:if ($dhcpEnabled = 1) do={
		:local o [/ip dhcp-server network find comment="default configuration"]
		:if ([:len $o] != 0) do={ /ip dhcp-server network remove $o }
		:local o [/ip dhcp-server find name="default" address-pool="default-dhcp" interface="bridge-local" !disabled]
		:if ([:len $o] != 0) do={ /ip dhcp-server remove $o }
		/ip pool {
			:local o [find name="default-dhcp" ranges=]
			:if ([:len $o] != 0) do={ remove $o }
		:local o [/ip dhcp-client find comment="default configuration"]
		:if ([:len $o] != 0) do={ /ip dhcp-client remove $o }
	/ip dns {
		set allow-remote-requests=no
		:local o [static find name=router address=]
		:if ([:len $o] != 0) do={ static remove $o }
	/ip address {
		:local o [find comment="default configuration"]
		:if ([:len $o] != 0) do={ remove $o }
# remove switch
	/interface set ether2-master-local name=ether2;
	/interface ethernet set ether3-slave-local master-port=none;
	/interface set ether3-slave-local name=ether3;
	/interface ethernet set ether4-slave-local master-port=none;
	/interface set ether4-slave-local name=ether4;
	/interface ethernet set ether5-slave-local master-port=none;
	/interface set ether5-slave-local name=ether5;
	/interface bridge port remove [find bridge="bridge-local"]
	/interface bridge remove [find name="bridge-local"]
	:if ($wirelessEnabled = 1) do={
		/interface set [find name~"wlan1"] name=wlan1
		/interface wireless reset-configuration wlan1