Incredimail.  What a joke.  We know you might like it, we understand that it’s pretty.  BUT — do you realize all those ads you see have the potential of putting bad things on your computer?  More importantly, do you realize that you can’t easily move your email OUT of Incredimail and use another program, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird?

Well, I’m writing this to show YOU how to do it on your own.  These instructions are compatible with Incredmail version 2.0.

You’ll need to install a little program that exports your messages.  I’m not the one that WROTE this program, but I do have it available here so you can download it from me just in case the author’s webpage goes down.  So, to get started, here’s the file you need to download: ReynardWareIncredimailConverter-0.53-Setup If you’d like to check the author’s website and see if there’s a new version, his website address is

Once you have that installed, you’ll be able to run it.  It will ask you where your data location is for Incredimail.  I’d suggest choosing the “Single Database” option and browsing to C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Account Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\IM\Message Store\ — once there you should see files representing each of your folder names.  You’ll want to run this process on each of the folders you want to export.  The attachment folder is located in the same place in a folder called “Attachments” — once you’ve selected both of those, just push on the button to start the process of exporting your email.  This might take a LONG time (read: hours) if you have a large number of messages.

After doing this for each folder, you’ll find that in the Message Store folder you now have folders by the same name as the files containing your email messages.  Inside those folders you’ll find a single .EML file for each message in the mail folder.  This is the fun part!

You’ll want to install Mozilla Thunderbird so that you can get the email imported — even if your end goal is to use Outlook or Outlook Express.  You can download Thunderbird here:

During the installation of Thunderbird it will ask you to enter your account information.  You’ll need to contact your email vendor if you don’t already know all the settings.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME for help on this step, unless you’re using our Zimbra email service.

OK — if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve got Thunderbird installed, and any NEW email you get is coming in to your nice new, but empty, Inbox.  Great.  This part is fun….arrange your screen so that you see Thunderbird on one side, and then open Windows Explorer to the location of your Incredimail Message Store.  (See above if you don’t remember where that was located.)  Now, simply drag and drop the .EML files to the folder you want to have them saved into.  Presumably you’ll just be copying your Inbox and Sent Items folders — but that’s all up to you.

NOW, you have your email imported.  Congratulations.  Wasn’t that fun?