David Stahr, Owner, Virtual Impressions

Virtual Impressions Incorporated was formed in Omaha in 1997 by David Stahr and Chris Schneider, focusing primarily on custom website development.  In 2002, Mr. Stahr moved back to his family’s farm near Waco, Nebraska, and pursued the operation of his business on a full-time basis.  He was quickly involved with more than just website development, and started another company, Stahr Consulting, which soon grew and merged with another local entrepreneur, Jordan McGowen of Golden Rule Company in 2004.  This merger formed Nomad Technology, Inc., specializing in both home and business networks, computer repair, network security, and consultation.  In 2006, Nomad Technology was acquired by Virtual Impressions.

In 2007, Russell Albin joined the team along with his company, PAE Omaha, bringing in a wide range of services such as security systems, wiring, and some additional programming resources.

Virtual Impressions has since continued to do business with small businesses and residential customers in York and Seward counties in southeastern Nebraska, with a full range of IT services:  Desktop and server support, general consultation, phone service, website design and hosting, email services, offsite backups, wired and wireless networking services, and custom web application programming.