Our email server has been very stable since being installed but decided to have its worst glitch ever about 16 hours ago. I’ve been working hard to get going again, and am restoring from backup right now. Any mail that came in since Saturday night will unfortunately be lost. However, most new mail since the outage began SHOULD be bouncing around and waiting for the server to come back up again.

This problem should be resolved in the future by having a better backup system in place. I am taking advantage of this outage by moving to a new host where I will have full physical access to my servers. This will allow me to set up a more robust network for my customers.

If you would like to get up and running right away and not be reliant on my Zimbra system, I fully understand, and would suggest that you set up a Google account for your business. Even if you only use it temporarily, it’s always good to have a backup email account. If you’re interested in doing this, you’ll need to click here for instructions.