Are you with a city or county office and you’d like a website and/or email to be set up using your city’s .US locality domain?  For example, the city of Waco, Nebraska could register CI.WACO.NE.US – Absolutely free of charge.  York County, however, where Waco exists, would be CO.YORK.NE.US.  This is the “right” way of registering domain names, rather than using something like or  (Those are just examples, I have no idea if they exist.)

The organization responsible for these registrations is Neustar.  The links below are served by their website, and this is their process.  The information is simply posted here for your reference.

  1. On city or county letterhead, in writing, state the reason for your request (new registration or update to an existing one), and sign it  (city/organization letterhead) requesting the update or change.
  2. Complete this form, sign it, and have it notarized by a notary public.
  3. Print and sign the .US Domain Registration Agreement

After completing the three steps above, send your completed paperwork via regular mail to:

.US Locality Registry
Neustar Customer Service
1650 Lyndon Farm ct.
Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40223

Upon receipt of your original properly endorsed documents, you will be issued a password to make future changes without having to send the above paperwork again, unless it is for a different domain name. If you lose your password, you must submit the paperwork again for any desired changes to your domain name.

If you want to host with Virtual Impressions, then set your DNS servers in section 7-8 of the template as follows.  Section 9 is where you put the domain name you want to register.  For example, as shown above, CI.WACO.NE.US.

      7a.  Hostname....................*: NS1.MDNSSERVICE.COM
      7b.  IP Address..................*:

      8a.  Hostname....................*: NS2.MDNSSERVICE.COM
      8b.  IP Address..................*:
      9a.  Delegated Zone (Domain Name)..............*: 
      9b.  Date of Delegation (YYYY-MM)*: