1. Go to your Google Play Market and download/install CSipSimple
  2. Configure your preferences on the first screen as you see fit
  3. Click “Add Account”
  4. On “Choose wizard” – choose the “Generic” option under the “Basic” options, which is below all the United States options.
  5. Account Name:   Your preference – this is just a label for you
  6. User:  Your SIP Username (normally your extension number)
  7. Server:  IP or Hostname of your VOIP PBX
  8. Password:  Your SIP Secret
  9. Save!


There are some advanced settings that can be changed if you are experiencing lots of bad quality – the reason it’s bad, if it is, is that your phone is attempting to have too high quality of a call.  The fix is to change to a codec that uses less bandwidth, which will result in a better call experience.