1. Log in to your Mikrotik.
  2. Go to IP->DHCP Server, Leases tab.
  3. Make your leases all static and put comments on them. ┬áThe comments will be used for Untangle’s host table.
  4. Open a new terminal window.
  5. Export dhcp leases:
    1. /ip dhcp-server leases
    2. export file=leases.rsc
  6. Go to the FILES menu button and drag & drop the leases.rsc file to your desktop.
  7. Open leases.rsc in Notepad, Wordpad, etc. Any text editor will do.
  8.  Select all, copy.
  9. Go to http://scripts.virtualimpressions.com/mikrotik-to-json and paste your leases in to the box.
  10. Push the submit button at the bottom, then click the link to download your JSON file.
  11. Upload the JSON file to Untangle’s GUI.